Blog *New*

Welcome to the newly (re)launched blog of the Rutgers Law Record!  The Rutgers Law Record Blog has been established to provide a forum for legal debate on recent legal developments and legal issues that have been raised by current events. Our goal is to use the Internet to provide timely and thoughtful analysis of legal issues in our society. This forum will be used to create a new dialogue about a developing issue or to further an ongoing debate.

Rutgers Law Record believes that meaningful discussion, analysis and commentary can occur in shorter pieces, as well as longer articles. As such, we plan to present you with shorter, student-written articles on a variety of subjects. In addition, we encourage readers to post reactions or responses to Blog entries or any of the content on the Rutgers Law Record’s main site. We hope you will visit the Blog regularly and give us your suggestions and feedback.

~Samantha Tilipman, Rutgers Law Record EIC