Appellate Activism: Using The Appellate Division’s Original Jurisdiction To Reduce The Time And Money Spent On Family Matters In New Jersey

Although precedent suggests that New Jersey’s appellate judges must be cautious when encroaching into areas best left to the expertise of the family court, there are often times on appeal when a sufficient factual record exists for the Appellate Division … Continue reading

Empowering the Sentencing Commission: A Different Resolution to the Cocaine Sentencing Drama

Cocaine sentencing policy has been the source of vociferous debate for more than twenty years. Under the traditional sentencing scheme, criminal defendants convicted of crack cocaine offenses (who were usually black) were disproportionately sentenced to longer prison terms than defendants convicted of … Continue reading

China’s Approaches To Intellectual Property Infringement On The Internet

The state of intellectual property infringement jurisprudence on the Internet is rapidly changing. Neither the courts nor rights holders who have relied on the legacy frameworks yet understand how to address the new market or technological landscape that the Internet is painting around … Continue reading