Corporatizing Administrative Law In Ghana: Lessons From US and UK

50 Rutgers L. Rec. 187 (2023) | WestLaw | LexisNexis | PDF


This paper adopts a functionalist comparative law method to put forward a corporatized administrative law theory in comparative administrative law. It examines how different administrative law systems corporatize administrative law. It looks specifically at how English and American Administrative law systems, as comparators for Ghana, address corporatisation. Ghana’s industrialization drive is the background to this study. This industrialization policy is intended to be private-sector-led. But the private sector is excluded from the policy making process in the country. Therefore, by corporatization, the paper makes a case for the formal recognition of industry in the policy making process. In hybridizing between the US and the UK, it argues for the establishment of a Public Business Tribunal, and adoption of an Administrative Procedure Act (APA) in Ghana.

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